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Feb 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
to spinal injuries. plus? >> the latest warning from technology experts on mobile devices. >> i love how that is the universal i just made a free throw shot. >> whether moving our way, there is still a chance for ice tomorrow. right now it is 32 degrees to the airport, 37 degrees downtown. beautiful blue skies, >> in medical alerts, some promising results in research for spinal injuries. lab rats that were once paralyzed are walking and running again because of ongoing research in switzerland. some of the animals started moving voluntarily after a few weeks of therapy. trials of human patients are expected to begin within the next two years. flu activity continues to decline across the country. 31 states were reporting widespread activity as of friday, down from 38 the week before. western and northeastern states are still experiencing high levels of the flu. more than half the people that need to be hospitalized because of the flu are older than 50. dozens of people took part in a laughter yoga therapy session in venezuela this weekend. participants are encouraged to laugh and watch oth
Feb 11, 2013 9:00am EST
of the snake. our road map begins with a hat trick of news out of technology. dell shareholders balking at the buyout price. and apple testing a watch-like device. >> the s&p 500 is up for the first six weeks of the year. something that has not happened since 1971. a big week is ahead as carl mentioned with earnings from coke, cisco, gm, whole foods and michael kors. >> nemo, watch the impact on business, ford at least said it should not have a major impact on february sales. >> the world is reacting to pope benedict's announcement that he will step down at the end of the month citing his advanced age. he's the first pope to resign in almost six centuries. >>> dell defends the buyout in an s.e.c. filing. they said the deal spearheaded by michael dell and private equity firm silver lake partners offers the best value for shareholders. three more of dell's largest investors are joining southeastern asset management. they believe the deal undervalues the company. david, we had this discussion on day one. it's been a while since it's seen $20. but it seems that's what they want. >> the buy
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
. -- of john paul ii. >> benedict was so aware of things happening, technology, having the twitter and being able to express the teachings of the chip. >> reporter: at the shrine's new mass reaction from catholics range from sadness -- . >> i'm going to miss him. i think he was a wonderful pope. >> and i heard it on the news. i said is it real? i was excited about that. >> to appreciation for a pope stepping aside because he feels he can no longer go on. >> i'm not surprising that the health is declining in my opinion. >> and in order to leave the church, you need a certain amount of energy and ability. i think that is courageous. >> reporter: for his part, president obama released a statement saying michelle and i warmly remember our meeting with the holy father in 2009, and i appreciated our work together over the last four years. while can it's true we don't know who will be picked by the college of cardinals to replace him, we know the cardinal whirl will take part in the selection. it's not been announced yet when the college of cardinals will meet in rome, will? >> y in idea about a ti
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Feb 17, 2013 4:00pm PST
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Feb 17, 2013 3:00am PST
can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. ♪ need help keeping your digesve balance in sync? try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align. >> there's a live look at pope benedict xvi delivering a call to prayer at the vatican. one of his final appearances before he resigns the end of this month. our next guest met the pope when he was cardinal ratzinger, and he predicted that he would succeed pope john paul ii. >> joining us is from the school of law. >> glad to be with you. >> one of my first questions, we think about the catholic church, it's been underfi
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am EST
such a product with foxconn which has been working on technology for wearable devices. interesting to see this emerge in the next marriage of perhaps retail and technology. apple shares are up 0.25%. any little help after you've been down in the range that they have -- what size screen do you want on your wrist? >> the question is how big that piece should be, though. because everyone wants the big screen. >> maybe have it going up your wrist like that. >> start to go look like a super hero with a claw on the end. >> and you type it like that. i've seen that in a film. ask us about what film we've seen that technology in? >> that's right. before we do, we want to know would you buy such a wristwatch or has the company gone too far? reach us at tweet us, @cnbcwex. >> what do you do when you -- >> i was looking at the letters. >> okay. the baftas held last night, but it was american ben affleck that hook home the aware for the best picture. affleck said he would been awarded a second act after falling out of in hollywood. mark comos is joining us now with his take. >> i can't beli
Feb 15, 2013 5:00am EST
technology and trajectory, looks like it will miss us. coming close later today. might be a breeze. upper 20s, light breeze right now on the surface. in the mid-20s parts of northern virginia. near 30 degrees in arlg -- it's cold near or below freezing from west virginia to the eastern shore. except near the waters. through the day, still below freezing at 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. near noontime near 50. might hit the mid-50s by mid afternoon. heading back home, might be light rain around. it will be back into the 40s. early this evening, that rain may begin to change over to some snow. maybe around 8:00 or 9:00. then some wet snow, 10:00 through midnight and after midnight tonight. by then down to the low 30s. a lot of it will be melting on roadways and accumulating on grassy areas. it will continue off and on into saturday. we may end up with an inch or two. some untreated surfaces tomorrow morning could be slick across most of northern virginia, the district and maryland. a wide area, 1 to 2 inches. lighter amounts in the mountains as well as the bay and the eastern shore. by the time it ends
Feb 16, 2013 3:00am EST
air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort ... individualized. right now, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and save 50% on our limited edition bed-plus special offers through monday. >>> and in the big finish tonight, it was a very big finish for a meteor the size of a bus as it passed over the city in central russia during morning rush hour today. now, imagine this as you drive to work. a flash in the sky becoming more distinct until it is obvious you are witnessing a rare phenomenon. people saw a streak of light as a meteor passed through the earth's atmosphere, moving at a speed of 12,000 miles per second and bursting into a fireball. i wish i could have seen it. meteors are usually small and burn up completely as they hurdle towards the earth's surface. we even have a nickname for them. called shooting stars. today's meteor seemed much more imperfect and was captured by dozens of amateur videos. one
Feb 11, 2013 10:00pm EST
the technology you still need boots on the ground during combat. at quantico marine base just outside of the district troops are being trained for the front lines. fox 5's sherri ly joined them on the firing range. >> reporter: this is warfare. >> 1032. >> reporter: live mortar rounds launching. >> alpha alpha 1027 fire when red ditch. >> reporter: and howlitzers firing, in places like afghanistan marine sergeant zachary meyers knows firsthand these are the tools of trade in combat. >> most of the marine sleep around the gun are around the gun and are there within seconds. >> stand by. fire. fire. fire. >> reporter: they're using real weapons with real munitions all just 40 miles away from washington at marine corps base quantico. >> the same type they would use in theaters somewhere depending on the situation. >> reporter: these big guns can hit a target 25 miles away with gps guidance and level a building. that's why every precaution is taken to prevent something from going off target. >> there's no room for error at all. >> reporter: chris beck, a retired marine, runs range s
Feb 14, 2013 10:00am EST
in huntsville, alabama. a community he loved very much. julian started davidson technologies in 1996 with just two employees. julian davidson emerged as a leading figure in the tennessee valley and believed if everyone worked for the betterment of the community, regardless of personal gain, everyone benefited. julian sought to leave our community and country better than he found it and he did that. julian davidson is a former chairman of the air force studies board of the national research council, member of the defense sciences board, and vice chairman of the technology assessment committee of the united states -- united space command, for national research council. julian davidson twice received the army exceptional civilian service award. he has received the air force meritorious civilian service award, the nba pioneer award -- m.b.a. pioneer award, he's a member of the employee hall of fame, united technology hall of fame, and was with auburn alumni engineering council. his impact on america is enormous. he is known by many as the father of missile defense in america. julian davidson is su
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
mi gas permits. but i also want to work with this congress to encourage the research and technology that helps natural gas burn even cleaner and protects our air and our water. in fact, much of our newfound energy is drawn from lands and waters that we, the public, own together. so, tonight, i propose we use some of our oil and gas revenues to fund and energy security trust that will drive new research and technology to shift our cars and trucks off oil for good. if a nonpartisan coalition of ceos and retired generals and admirals can get behind this idea, then so can we. let's take their advice and free our families and businesses from the spainful spikes in gas prices we've put up with for far too long. i'm issuing a new goal for america. let's cut in half the energy wasted by our homes and businesses over the next 20 years. we'll work with the states to do it. those states with the best ideas to create jobs and lower energy bills by constructing more we efficient buildings will receive federal support to help make that happen. america's energy sector is just one part of an aging
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Feb 10, 2013 4:00pm PST
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Feb 11, 2013 3:00am PST
and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. >>gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. for the first time since that deadly royal prank, one of the radio day jays back on the air. the duo called a hospital where kate middleton was being treated for morning sickness and pretended to be the queen and prince charles. a nurse fell for it. that woman tragically took her own life days later. >>> thousands are expected to attend the memorial service for chris kyle, a navy seal murdered at a texas gun range. a former marine has been charged with killing kyle and another man and remains jailed on $3 million bond. >>steve: one of the most memorable moments from this year's national prayer breakfast wasn't a prayer at all. it was a world renowned neurosurgeon's pitch for tax reform, believe it or not. dr. ben carson explained this weekend on "fox & friends." listen. >>
Feb 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
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Feb 15, 2013 9:00pm PST
'n easy with colorblend technology, gives expert highlights and lowlights. for color that's perfectly true to you. i don't know all her secrets, but i do know kate's more beautiful now, than the day i married her. with the expert highlights and lowlights of nice 'n easy, all they see is you. did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity. look for citrucel today. >>> oh my god! >> thank you. >> the new phone book is here, the new phone book is here! >> today i got something that i wait for all yearlong. today something arrived at our office that every year when it comes makes me leap around the office like the steve martin character nathan johnson on phone book delivery day. today, today, today is the day that the cpac schedule came out. the cpac 2013 program is here. it's here, it's here, it's here, here, yay. cpac is the conservative political action conference. the beltway likes to call every gathering of politicos a prom. but cpac is
Feb 17, 2013 11:00am PST
is not dangerous, that it uses some of the latest technology to prevent leaks, it will bring jobs to the nation's economy. another big agend on the table here is the emission standards. they've already been proposed for plants that are coming online, new plants, but the big issue among a lot of people here is will those standards, those harsher standards be extended to existing plants? so that's a taste of what you're seeing here, protect our health, not big polluters, a lot of people here trying to take a message to president obama. deb? >> all right, chris lawrence there right in the thick of it. obviously a topic that generates a lot of passion on both sides. thanks so much. >>> in los angeles a different kind of rally. dozens of protesters gathering outsite lapd headquarters. carrying plaquers supporting renegade ex-cop christopher dorners. they don't support his rampage but the accusations of corruption, racism and brutality in the lapd need to be adressed so this doesn't happen again. >> i any there are a lot of honest policemen out there trying to serve the people, but it's just atrociou
Feb 10, 2013 11:30pm PST
. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. >>> bird gone wild. it has become an internet sensation. >> take a look at this. that is queen victoria, with her wrangler she was center ice, as the condor's game friday night or supposed to be when -- >> her wrangler, joe the bird man tries to get her but she proves to be slippery and can being so does the ice. the bird bounces around the rink getting into the penalty box and making a run for the locker room. hit the showers. this was the first and probably the last condor to visit the team. scary. >> 2 minutes interference. >> and they finished pgh >>> that will be it for this special edition waterford crystal.. good evening every
Feb 11, 2013 4:25am EST
. >> all kinds of technology here on fox 5. >> good morning. clean-up is under way in parts of mississippi after a round of severe weather. a tornado tore through the city of hattiesburg on sunday. more than 60 people areunder and hundreds of homes were damaged in at least three counties. there are reports of damage on the campus of the university of southern mississippi but no injuries. >>> parts of the northeast are working to get things ready for the morning commute following this weekend's blizzard. subways and buses will be pretty much back to normal in new york city today and transportation officials in boston are working to get service back on a regular schedule. most airlines say they are running on close to normal schedules. thousands of homes and businesses are still in the dark mostly in massachusetts. the storm is blamed for at least 15 deaths across the northeast and in canada. canad >>> there is tucker barnes. good morning to you. >> we couldn't wait to get to you. >> talk about a surprise. that could have been awkward. let's go right to the hd radar. we have rain showers mov
Feb 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
. it does not in reaction to a more peaceful world. it is not due to a breakthrough in military technology or strategic insight. it is not because paths in entitlement has been explored and exhausted. it is not because sequestration was a plan ever plan to be implemented. this is the collateral damage of political gridlock. for the troops, the consequences are very real and very personal. the president has indicated his intentions to spare military compensation from sequestration. that is a very good decision. it is one that we intend to carry out. make no mistake -- the troops will fill this directly. i will give you the principal example. there are many. we will need to sharply curtail training in all the services. for example, a brigade combat team that has returned from afghanistan that is used to being tiptop ready. that is what matters to this profession. the army reports two thirds of its brigade combat teams will be at reduced readiness by year 's end. to do the same with the air force and so forcorth. it will have a big effect for people in uniform. also civilians, and people thin
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. and art garfunkel? the one hint i can give you is the answer has absolutely nothing to do with show business. and the thing that they all have in common is something that they all also have in common with epi episcopal bishop ed browning. i hope that doesn't confuse things. the answer will be in tonight's rewrite. [ whispering ] i've always preferred the crème part of an oreo. [ whispering ] that's crazy, the cookie's the best part. crème. cookie. crème. stop yelling. you stop yelling. [ whispering ] both of you stop yelling. [ whispering ] i'm trying to read. [ male announcer ] choose your side at episco . >>> to him -- tomorrow night, a star may be born, two republicans may be present during the state-of-the-union address. the rubio rumor machine is putting out the word that rubio is going to talk tough. >
Feb 15, 2013 9:00am EST
in the sciences, technology, engineering and math fields so they are prepared for high-tech and high-paying jobs for the future. stem education is vital for the economic growth of my district and for the nation. just atlanta month a new report found that in the past 11 years high-tech jobs in my district and the surrounding areas have grown by 18.6%, many of these jobs requiring engineers and students to pursue stem education. yet, while most parents of school-age students believe that stem education should be a priority in the united states, only half agree it is actually a top priority. mrs. negrete mcleod: that's why i ask my colleagues to support national engineers week to raise awareness of stem education and its importance to our country's economic future. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from kansas rise? >> mr. speaker, i rise today to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today
Feb 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
do. they wondered that about him then. of course the new technology then was roofment and it turned out radio was a blessing for him because he had a little bit of wire in his voice and it cut through apparently a very good radio voice. he thought he was on radio there and he read as though on the roofment his personality comes through. >> the chapter they thought was most i lum nating about him as a person and i'm not sure you pronounce it this way, the ode den, what is that chapt ter >> this is when you get to college, the outsider that's greek. he happened to go to a college that had a motto let them lum nate the earth. a college for future ministers, generally congregationist although there were others there. and he went down there and at the time it was a greek school. ed the a lot of fraternities and most kids were in them. and what is interesting about calvin, and this is all the way through his life, he didn't seem like he was going to make it. he got there and thought he should be in one, he wrote his letter saying something about that and then he wasn't chosen. so imagine
Feb 14, 2013 1:00pm EST
universities and technology firms. last year firms working on everything from improving cancer diagnostics to protecting our computer security received more than $130 million from the national science foundation and $850 million from the national institutes of health. in all san diego received more than 1,760 grants. i recently received a letter from a rising therapeutics, a small biomedical group in my district. this small team of dedicated researchers have been working against the flu and fever. if the sequester goes into effect they have to lay off researchers. this will not only hurt jobs, families, it will stop critical research in the biomedical sciences and stifle innovation in our labs and universities. congress must act now so that america and san diego do not fall behind our international competitors and so we continue to be on the cutting edge of technology. we must keep investing in our future. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: are there further one-minute requests? hearing no other requests, the chair lays before the house the following personal requests. the cl
Feb 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> we saw with his nomination something truly extraordinary, which is the government of iran formally and publicly praising the nomination of a defense secretary. i would suggest to you that to my knowledge that is unprecedented to see a foreign nation like iran publicly celebrating a nomination. >> just watching that reminded me of mccarthy. welcome back to "hardball." that's just a sample of freshman texas senator ted cruz's language this week about defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. here is what really happened at his weekly news conference. the iran foreign minister spokesman was asked about hagel's views on israel and u.s. sanctions on iran. as reuters reported, the spokesman responded, we hope there
Feb 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
of technology. kind of a different day at the office, wouldn't you say? >> a great day. >> and exciting too, because we'll learn a lot from this, i would imagine. derrick, how rare is this meteor both in size and in impact? >> if we're talking about meteor, ed, what we find is meteors of this size coming this far down into the earth's atmosphere are actually on the rare side, something like this might happen every 50 to 100 years. whereas the typical shooting stars that most people see in the evening sky we can see ten of those per hour on any regular clear night. and a meteor shower might show as many as 120. so something like this actually is quite rare to be seeing. >> is the speed, is the size pretty normal for shooting stars? does this -- we just happened to catch this one on tape, the russian citizens. >> well, in fact, the way we really ought to classify this is more like a small asteroid than it is a meteorite. this is an object that seems to come from the asteroid belt. so it is actually on the large side for something that we would see, although not really that large for an astero
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
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Feb 11, 2013 8:00am PST
and applied technology. hitting these areas, especially the research labs, is a bigger blow than just numbers of weapons. jenna: what about the people that say, you know, numbers don't matter when it comes to nuclear arsenal? you only need a few of these weapons to cause a lot of damage, it's sill already my u.s -- silly for us to sit on so many simply because we can. >> well, it's a reasonable question to ask, a lot of people would have on their minds. but you have to think of it perhaps in this way: if someone was looking to attack the united states with a lot of missiles -- and there are a lot of nations with a lot of missiles aimed at us -- if we wanted to have even just one nuclear deterrent going the other way, we have to have a lot of options in a lot of places in order to survive that kind of strike and retaliate. these are extreme circumstances, but as we learned with unfortunate developments in the world, sometimes these extremes are necessary. jenna: sometimes it's hard to entertain some of these scenario, scary as they are, but it does come down to national security, and a lot of
Feb 16, 2013 5:00am PST
oleshegy is a scientist at the florida institute of technology and spokesperson for the science channel. nice to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. i'm happy to be here. >> first we need to clear up a few thing. initially we were calling that space rock in russia a meteorite. but it actually of an asteroid as well as the other one. >> well, you know, the naming of these rocks is kind of interesting, right? this object originated in the asteroid belt, so it is an asteroid. when it became streaking through our skies, we call it a meteor. then when it became a fireball, we called it a bolide. when the part hit the ground, fragments, we call those meteorites. >> i think i followed all that. >> yeah. >> you started off with the fact that it came from the asteroid belt. were these two, the asteroids that did the drive-by, 17,000 miles away, and this one in russia, are they related in any way? >> no. actually, quickly, people calculated the orbits of the object that entered from over russia. and it turns out to be coming from a different direction than the asteroid that did the dr
Feb 15, 2013 7:00am PST
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